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Student Appreciation Festival

What Is It?

Student Appreciation Festival happens twice per year and is our time to show students our appreciation for them while offering fabulous deals, fun activities, and great prizes!

How to Earn Tickets

  • Take lessons
    • 4 tickets for your first lesson of the week (Weeks are Sunday-Saturday)
    • 6 tickets for your second lesson of the week
    • 8 tickets for your third lesson of the week
    • 20 tickets for your fourth lesson of the week
  • Attend Group Classes
    • 4 tickets for your first group class of the week
    • 6 tickets for your second group class of the week
  • Come to Parties
    • 2 tickets for your first party
    • 4 tickets for your second party
    • 6 tickets for your third party
    • 8 tickets for your fourth party
    • 20 tickets for you fifth party
  • Practice
    • 2 tickets for practicing for 15 minutes
  • Wear a Costume
    • 4 tickets for coming to the studio (for a lesson, party, group class, or practice) in a costume, see schedule on the right
  • Refer a Friend
    • 20 tickets for referring a guest (guest must come in before the end of Festival)
    • 20 additional tickets if a guest enrolls (plus 2 free lessons!)
  • Facebook Us
    • 2 tickets for checking in on Facebook
    • 2 tickets for taking a selfie in the ballroom and tagging SBDS
    • 4 tickets for a creative, funny, entertaining post on FB and tagging SBDS