Dance Classes: Ballroom Dance Styles That Are Perfect for Couples

Ballroom dancing has always been made for two. Two partners move in rhythm to the music, following simple patterns and steps. You wouldn’t find another dance type that could bring you ever closer to your partner quite literally. It’s all very romantic.

This is why this type of dance is popular at weddings and other formal events. If you and your special someone want to bond over something and get a good workout to boot, signing up for ballroom dance classes is the way to go. Here are three dance styles that are perfect for couples.

Ballroom Dance for Couples


You’re probably already familiar with this style; you might have unwittingly danced this at your prom. The modern version of the waltz that you know today originated from the Austria waltzen styles. It’s a very slow-paced dance that can be easily learned by beginners. Partners dance gracefully and very closely to each other while moving to a slow beat. It requires more fluidity and some fancy dips or extra steps if you want to show off. It’s the perfect dance for the bride and groom if they want to stick to performing the traditional first wedding dance.


It turns out that the saying “it takes two to tango” isn’t just an idiom. It refers to the nature of the dance itself. Usually, in most ballroom dances, the male partner takes the lead, and it’s no different in the case of tango. It’s a bit more challenging than waltz, but what makes it more fun to perform is the lively music and steps that alternate from slow to fast. The trick is to find the right teacher who can teach you the basics first and eventually help you master the dance style. Pretty soon, you’ll be ready to throw in some perfectly executed swivels and turns.


Salsa is another very sensual dance style characterized by upbeat movement mostly done in a single spot. The dancers just make it more interesting with the subtle movement of their legs and upper bodies. There are a lot of variations of salsa that originated from different parts of the world. There’s the popular New York style, the Colombian style, and others.

Partner dances may take a lot of effort to learn but with the right guidance, you and your significant other will be ready to impress on the dancefloor. Start learning now by signing up for dance lessons in Duluth, MN at studios like Superior Ballroom Dance Studio LLC.

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